1973~1974 USC

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Michael Sedano attended USC on the GI Bill. After Sedano's first semester in the Ph.D. program in Speech Communication, he accepted a TA position to teach public speaking. Pursuing his studies in media and mass communication, Sedano served as Chief Photographer for the USC Daily Trojan and El Rodeo. Foto Data: These negatives are scanned using a Nikon Super Coolscan 4000 ED and Nikon Scan 4 software. The original fotos were taken on Plus X and Tri-X film using a Topcon RE Super. Most are handheld, ambient light exposures using an f/2.8 58mm Topcor or an f/5.6 200mm Topcor.

Please move the boxes so we can wax the floor
Please move the boxes so we can wax the floor
Staff member pauses in front of cartons filled with paperwork. The handwritten note from the building's night crew requests someone move the boxes to allow waxing the floor.
Michael Sedano