Postcards from Read! Raza

Here is a collection of printable images in 5" x 7" size. Print on quality photo paper, use the reverse side to address, stamp, and mail a message to your friends. To print, click on the image to place it on a blank page, or download the image to your computer and use your imaging software to manipulate the size and layout.

For assistance, or to obtain professionally printed sets, email read! raza with your questions. All postcards ©2008, Michael V. Sedano. Visitors have permission to reproduce for personal use as mailed postcards, and strictly non-commercial purposes.

Diego Rivera fresco restoration before (1995) and after (2005). This detail shows Rivera's conception of tourists watching the public observances of the Feria del Dia de los Muertos in Mexico City, including two figures of the day (1923), film star Celia Montalban and bullfighter Juan Silveti, enjoying a cigar while wearing a black chana hat embroidered in silver and his characteristic large lock of hair over the forehead. The fresco was still staged when I shot the foto of the restored portion, forcing this awkward angle, though I didn't see what the restorers were working on. Contact me for additional images of this restoration-in-process.

Happy Hallowe'en Trick or Treat. The Unitedstatesian version of DDLM.


California's Pacific Coast - Morro Rock seen from Montaña de Oro State Park.

morro rock

Chunchon Korea 1969. As the Army bus drove me through the streets of this northern frontier city, I noticed dozens of pet stores selling caged dogs, but oddly, a total absence of strays, or people walking their animals. Ni modo, I thought, we're awfully close to the DMZ here, so theses German Shepherds probably provide security. When I transferred to Chunchon from Bravo Battery, Sgt. Yoo, a Korean soldier, took me to a barbeque restaurant. After we'd enjoyed several servings of meat, the fellow disclosed we'd just eaten barbequed dog. All those "pet stores," it turns out, were butcher shops. Ever pay day thereafter, I was a regular at Ma's Bulgogi House for porta-ju and bbq.


Classic Los Angeles movie house on downtown Broadway.


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