Cajeta de Membrillo. Step 9: Dry it out a little.

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The oven will darken the top to a reddish gold, or leave it in the open air to dry on its own.

You'll notice how firmly the cajeta packs into the mold. You can let it sit a few hours and serve a soft confection that you eat by hand or in a taco or a slice of bread.
To make the cajeta fully functional, set it out of the way someplace, covered with waxed paper or lightly draped aluminum foil. Some liquid will exude to the surface. Daub it up or not. After a day of drying it cuts beautifully into rectangles that you can wrap in a hot tortilla or smash onto toast or eat from your fingers. By the way, if you see too much liquid, or it just doesn't want to cut well, it's not cooked enough. Either put the whole thing back into the pan/pot and cook another fearless hour or so, or put into the oven for an hour at 250 degrees.
The more you cook, and the more sugar you add, the darker the cajeta becomes. The only remedy I know to re-cooking, and the only shortcut I know of, is find a Mexican market that sells cajeta by the pound and buy it ready-made.
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