Cajeta de Membrillo. Step 6: Smash and cook, stirring constantly.

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Next year, I'll see how the microwave oven does the cooking.

For the microndas I would boil the raw fruit a lot more. Cool, then peel, seed and core it, toss it in the Cuisinart and purée for the microwave. My stovetop method here features a perforated tool to stir and smash, smash and stir, producing a chunky texture. You won't need to add any more liquid as the fruit produces an abundance of its own juice. If I added more liquid I could use a whizzer to really purée the heck out of it, but I enjoy the rougher texture of hand-smashed membrillo.
Keep the fire medium to high and watch that you don't burn yourself with the flame or the splashing fruit.