Half A Million Angelinos Supporting Democracy
and the Stars and Stripes

Music © Pancho "Charro" Avitia, Pajarillo de la Sierra

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Driving from Vernon into downtown LA, traffic snarled
as westbound cars and trucks headed toward Olympic
and Broadway. My trek crossed Olympic at Santa Fe,
at 10:30, several miles from the assembly point.
Throngs of white t-shirts headed west.
As you watch the first two frames, note how
law-abiding these gente are. Frame one shows the
red hand pedestrian signal and the crowd patiently
waits. Frame two shows the little white man icon
and the pedestrians have entered the crosswalk.
What a perfect illustration of who these people are,
these immigrants whom hating fools like Sensenbrenner
and his ilk disparage. By the way, count the number
of US Flags in the crowd. And what a wonderful
crowd; half a million strong. And you shoulda
heard the traffic on the 10 Freeway! Honk if
you love Freedom!

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© fotos 2006, Michael V. Sedano