Add the can of tomatoes and three cans of water. I had a can of tomatoes with jalapeños that was satisfyingly picoso. If you have plain canned--or fresh tomatoes--add powdered chile to taste.

Mix in a goodly amount of cheddar cheese (couple handsful grated, quarter to scant half pound cubed).

Guisado Variation: Use a small can or two of tomato sauce and one can of water, instead of the chopped tomatoes and 3 cans water. You'll get a thick-gravied guisado that can't be beat.

Lower the heat and simmer until the potatoes are fork tender. This is a dish you can set to simmering then go off and do stuff until you're ready to heat the torts.

Serve in deep bowls with hot tortillas (de harina are tops for gluten-eaters, otherwise de maiz go perfectly well in any meal).

You can serve quesadillas on the side to satisfy those extra hungry eaters.

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