Mae Bong - Bravo 7/5 HAWK

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Chunchon. The man is carving a dojung--a "chop" block bearing one's name. "Sa Ee Da No" mine reads. Time spent in "The Ville" led to many fascinating experiences. The silk weaving factory, puffed rice makers, slicky boys with the standard come-ons of "Hey GI, you want girl? You want skivvy show? Happy smoke?" And lots of photos that, over time, I will scan and share.

One of these days, I'll have my stories into print. In the meantime, I highly recommend a series of mysteries Martin Limon has written, set in Korea of the 1980s. Overstated and extreme--it is art, after all--nevertheless, Limon's Korea accurately conveys sensibilities, sights, and experiences commonly met by those of us who put in time in the 8th Army's various commands.

Email me if you have images or memories to share. Especially if you know me from back in the day, write me, chingo!