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Col. Komornik, left, flies into Bravo accompanying 8th Army's second in command. The romance of Bravo brought such visitors to the Hill so they could have a souvenir photo by this sign, "Highest HAWK Site in the Free World," and probably more importantly, the "highest HAWK shithouse" sign. CPT Bailey, center, took over B 7/5 at the end of summer, after Komornik gets the OK to fire the dud who carried a swagger stick and refused to step foot on the mountain. The romance of Bravo, that it was the world's highest, that it was the hardship tour to end all hardship tours, made service here an adventure. The piss-poor leadership that turned the Admin Area into a dump, that starved us for decent food on and off throughout that summer, that put us through monthly CMMI b.s. was mindblowing.