Mae Bong - Bravo 7/5 HAWK

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The "Highest Hawk SHITHOUSE in the Free World" also had a hot water shower. At the same time, we got a kitchen in the hooch at left. Prior to this, the manning truck would haul staff up, along with plastic insulated boxes. By the time the truck reached the top, the powdered eggs had turned green and the crispy brown bacon had softened and turned white. When the battery ran out of fresh chow, we ate C-Rations. One week, down in the Admin Area, we had nothing to eat but old potatoes that were so bad, the cooks couldn't cut away all the blackened parts. We welcomed the C-rations that time. Once the kitchen came we had real food up on top. Regular Army breakfast; eggs to order, pancakes, crisp bacon, toast, oatmeal, coffee.