Mae Bong - Bravo 7/5 HAWK

Korea, 1969 - 1970 • Michael V. Sedano, SP4, 05B

Drafted out of Grad School, then trained at Ft. Ord's Radio School, I arrived at Camp Page where a personnel clerk told a factotum, "Send him to Bravo." I didn't understand the ruthlessness in his voice. A few hours later, when I arrived at a tiny village at the head of a narrow valley, I began to understand the romance of Bravo, "the highest HAWK site in the free world." I watched a countryman walk on the moon the day after arriving at Hwaak-Ni, where across the river, a man was tilling a rice paddy with a water buffalo and the air reeked of human shit used to fertilize the crops. In January 1970, I was transferred to Hq to be the Batallion's Information Specialist. Here are images from Bravo, Hq, and The Ville.

As the 71Q S-1 clerk, among other pleasures I reported events to the Brigade newspaper, The Gauntlet. Click here for a sample.

bravo rock