Gluten-free Chicano Cooks Butternut Squash Soup

This elegant soup is Christmas dinner quality food, and it's simple and fast.
Bake a squash, mix with stock and cream, thicken with cornstarch, serve hot in your best china.

In a hot oven, 350 or more, bake the cut squash on a greased baking pan for an hour,
or until the flesh looks dark and lightly caramelized.
It will be easy to scoop out the pulp. (If not, bake for another half hour or more.)

easy start: bake the squash

Add beef stock to half-fill the pot with liquid, and blend. I use a hand blender. A high-speed mixer would work.
Fill the rest of the pot with half and half. Season with salt and black pepper, and a small pinch of allspice.
Dissolve a couple TBS of corn starch in a little water, stir into the room temperature squash stock cream mix.

mix with stock and cream

Slowly heat to light simmer, stirriing to produce a velvety texture. 20 minutes to heat produces a luxurious creamy caldo.

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