La Bloga and The Gluten-Free ChicanoÕs Gluten-Free Beers Listing, October 2011


Dear Grocery Store Manager:



I am one of your gluten-intolerant customers.


I appreciate your storeÕs commitment to serving a wider market. ItÕs why I shop here. I request you increase the number of gluten-free foods you sell, like pastas manufactured from corn, quinoa, or rice. Those are wonderful additions to my diet.


Another addition I hope you and your buyers will add to the shelves, gluten-free beer.


In case gluten-free beer is new to you, IÕve printed this helpful list from La Bloga so you can look up these for yourself. I hope your distributor has access to these or other gluten-free beers.


Redbridge from Anheuser Busch


New Grist from Lakefront Brewery, Milwaukee


GreenÕs, UK


St PeterÕs, UK


BardÕs, Minneapolis


New Planet, Boulder 







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