Bravo 7/5 in The Gauntlet, 8/14/70

Published at Osan AFB, The Gauntlet served the 38th ADA Brigade monthly.
Troops with a dime could purchase a daily, Pacific Stars & Stripes, at the PX.
The 7th of the 5th ADA Artillery, headquartered at Camp Page in Chunchon, also received the Bn paper, The Hilltopper, a mimeographed letter-sized news that I produced in S-1 as the Battalion Information Specialist.

My DROS was to be 14Aug70. This Gauntlet was published at the beginning of August, but the Captain down at Osan post-dated this issue as a way of saying good-bye. It was a nice gesture that he doubled when, a month after I got home, he mailed a Battalion Commendation certificate to me.


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Bravo 7/5 story

Bravo 7/5 story

Bravo owl story

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