La Bloga October 30, 2012 Supplementary Links: Quick Time Movies

October 18-20 / New York City, La Bloga columnist Michael Sedano traveled to Manhattan Island in his continuous quest to take a perfect portrait of oracy, especially a writer or poet reading one's own work aloud to an audience. These videos supplement portraits showcased at La Bloga on October 23, 2012 and October 30, 2012.

The Academy of American Poets celebrates its sixth annual Poets Forum in the environs of NYU and The New School. The weekend brings together notable poets in ritual and intimate academic settings. The scholar-poets read their stuff one night, the next morning gather for speeches, panel discussions, Q&A sessions.

Packed auditoriums and heavily subscribed academic panels attest to the living, thriving poetry community in the nation. This floricanto coming again every years for the past six years is a mirror of local poetry scenes, but the pinnacle of the published art of Unitedstates poetry.

This is the stuff dreams are made on, for all those regulars at open mic nights, you light under a bushel basket calladitas calladitos when you should be out there peforming, you small press acid test poets getting initial tastes of validation and sales. They're holding a chair for you.


• Click Play arrow.•            Introduction of the Chancellors

• Click Play arrow.•            Naomi Shihab Nye Chancellors Reading.

• Click Play arrow.•            The toughest job in poetry: sign language poetry interpreter.

• Click Play arrow.•            Blaney Lecture: Elizabeth Alexander.


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