Corrido de Boyle Heights - A Mural's Ongoing Battle Against Tags.

The mural has a protective coating. City of Los Angeles crews clean upon notification of unsightly tags that reappear with disappointing regularity.

July 29, 2006 - An almost tag-free month!



June 28, 2006 - Restored to tag-free state.


June 9, 2006.


The only forgiving note is the taggers' style, preferring an elegant line to the
bulbously inflated character of the pendejos roaming the block in 2005.


March 8, 2006, shortly after a restoration.

march 8 2006


2005 crap

Sadly, I'll update this page from time to time.
The mural takes on a life of its own.
Over time, the community witnesses a clear sign that
one or two familias have raised truly disrespectful hijos.          top of page

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