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Soon it'll be planting time again in Pasadena, maybe I'll put in some corn. Right now, it's cold enough at night to enjoy a fire and a good book. Or talking about one.

Here are links to essays and reviews reacting to this, that, and sundry books, teatro, arts events. But mostly fiction. Most of these appear at La Bloga, where my compadres and comadres in literature and literacy always have great books to recommend.

Every so often, I happen across a volume that provokes some impulse that I have to write about it. If you're looking for something to read and you have access to a good library system, you can order these titles and enjoy them. When you do, I hope you'll be moved to write up your own experiences and send them to me for publication at Read! Raza's Book Nook, or as a guest column at La Bloga.

Please visit La Bloga for current updates on Chicana Chicano literature and related topics.

Reviews & essays by Michael Sedano

Rodolfo Anaya. Serafina's Stories.

Wally Lamb. I Know This Much Is True.

Sandra Cisneros / Amy Ludwig. The House on Mango Street.

August Wilson. Radio Golf.

David Mamet. Romance / The Opposite of Chicana Chicano Literature.

Salvador Plasencia. The People of Paper.

Martin Limón. The Door to Bitterness. (An evocation of one of my favorite years).

Lucha Corpi. Crimson Moon.

Tomás Riley. mahcic.

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