Ana Castillo Reads from
The Guardians
at IMIX Books August 2007

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IMIX' Elisa greets her SRO guests. The tiny air conditioner chugs along and the room remains comfortable. Ajua!

"We're the smallest bookstore in the world." IMIX is small, divided into two spaces. Good seats up front in the back.

Way back in front, wey, for late attenders. The PA gives us La Castillo but the hour's Q&A is only an A.

Castillo dedicates her book while spending a lot of time with guests, who take hundreds of fotos tonight with the author. Make that generous author.

Castillo sits to autograph then stands for the pix. All night. Now she's up, now she's down, now she's back up again, now she's signing 10 copies for that woman.

This is Diana Faust. Her company provides logistics for visiting writers. "This is the page she'll sign" she says, hoping to speed the autograph process.

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