Sculptor Armando Baeza

Here is Mando's sculpture, "Silent Rain"installed in 1962 in front of the city hall, Pico Rivera. A protest statement against the Stronthium 90 fallout in the Northwestern States from the atomic testing in China.The sculpture design was inspired by a song by Joan Baez called "What have the done to the Rain", composed by Malvina Reynolds around that time.
They were bronze cast by Rodrigues of dog town.

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2004 Show at 1.618? Gallery

In Whittier, California, the show featured paintings by Ramon Ramirez and Art Leon, photographic work by Oscar Castillo, and 19 small bronzes by master sculptor Armando Baeza. It was the largest collection Baeza has shown in his career.

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Top: Armando Baeza, Magu, Oscar Castillo. MidLeft: Malinche en su Caballo Blanco. MidRight: Apache Horn Player. Middle: Mando red dots two "sold" pieces. Bottom: Emerging Power.
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