Here are a couple of memories from the winter of 1969

I am putting together a set of images and stories recounting some of these days. For a greatly entertaining view of Korea service, read Martin Limon's detective novels set in metropolitan Korea, a far cry from Bravo Battery 7/5, and Mae Bong. Still, Limon's stories ring true.

This is me. The Army was totally proud of our hot water shower and flush toilets. Have to admit, it was a welcome comfort. "Highest HAWK shithouse in the free world." We were the highest HAWK site in the world--the commies didn't have the HAWK. I was the highest HAWK commo man in the free or not-so-free world.

My dawgs, as the kids today say. We are outside the Admin Area looking north.

Yellow Submarine had already been and gone. and I was long past the innocence of Basic and AIT.

Up on Bravo, the fence looking Northwest.


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