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The stage setup has pianist Javier Pacheco poised to do a background improvisation at Acosta's invitation. As Acosta takes the stage he starts with an irate demand to "turn the fucking cameras off!" Zeta has noticed the production trailers parked outside Town & Gown have the logo of Tom Reddin Productions. Acosta declares his intention to walk off the stage rather than do anything to contribute to the income of the former chief of the LAPD. Zeta waits and waits. Pacheco tinkles a few notes. Acosta waits. After the camera operators walk away, Acosta removes the white shirt then reads the autopsy chapter, 8, from Revolt of the Cockroach People. Buffalo V. Brown, Acosta's character, directs the "coroner to the stars" Tom Noguchi, to slice up Robert Fernandez, a dead vato who has been killed by the sheriff in lockup. You can see and hear Zeta's reading on Google videos here.